Students and the staff of the Department of Physics are entitled to free use of several commercial and free software programs acquired by actions undertaken by the Computer Center. More information about free software can be found at

Commercial Software

University of Crete provides users with license of certain commercial software. In order to use this software you must either be connected to the university network or use the University of Crete VPN. Further information about VPN can be found here


Limited licenses for students and academic staff

Eviews Limitless licenses for labs and limited licenses for academic staff

limited licenses for Chemistry Department


Limitless licenses

Dreamspark Premium (Λογισμικό Miscrosoft)

Licenses for students and academic staff

MS Campus Agreement OVS-ES (MSOffice)

Limited licenses for staff

For any software issues you may contact

Free Software - Open Source Software

Computer Center also provides a Distribution Service for Open Source Software which stores the latest copies of Open Source Software. Open Source software is quite popular both in academic institutions and for personal use. Overall, the server stores more than 30TB of data and is one of the largest software sources in Greece.

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