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Syllabus of the course: Advanced Methods of Computational Physics

In this web page we provide the syllabus of the course Advanced Methods of Computational Physics, offered by the Department of Physics.
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InstructorL. Lymperakis
ProgramTuesday 10:00-13:00, Computer Room 3
Thursday 10:00-13:00, Computer Room 3
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Goal of the courseThis course is aimed at graduate students. It consists of 4 units, in each of which the students develop their own numerical code and present a numerical simulation on a problem of their choice. The presentation of the theoretical background as well as numerical “experiments” are taking place at the computer rooms.
Syllabus1. partial differential equations – elliptic (Poisson), parabolic (diffusion, Schroedinger), hyperbolic (wave equation);
2. eigenvalue problems – diagonalization techniques, harmonic lattice eigenfrequencies, quantum eigenstates, eigenvalues, quantum time evolution.
3. Molecular dynamics: Verlet algorithm, simulations in various thermodynamic ensembles, nonlinear dynamical systems.
4. Monte-Carlo, elements of probability theory, Metropolis algorithm, Ising model.
Bibliography“Computational Physics” - S.E. Koonin, D.C. Meredith

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