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Syllabus of the course: Special Topics in Condensed Matter Physics I

In this web page we provide the syllabus of the course Special Topics in Condensed Matter Physics I, offered by the Department of Physics.
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InstructorX. Zotos
ProgramWednesday, 11:00-13:00, Hall B
Thursday 11:00-13:00, Hall B
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Goal of the courseIn the course we will discuss different experimental probes used in Condensed Matter Physics, in particular what information each can offer and what is its theoretical background. The course is at the graduate level and requires fairly good knowledge of statistical and quantum mechanics. It is adressed to students with experimental or theoretical interest.
Syllabus(1) Neutron scattering (and magnetic)
(2) NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
(3) Optical Spectroscopy
(4) Photoemission (ARPES)
(5) Electrical, thermal, magnetic transport
(6) Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)
(7) Moessbauer
(8) topics of interest
Bibliography“Quantum Theory of Magnetism” R.M. White
“Optical Properties of Solids”, F. Wooten
L. van Hove, Physical Review 95, 249 (1954)

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