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Syllabus of the course: Introduction to Quantum Computing

In this web page we provide the syllabus of the course Introduction to Quantum Computing, offered by the Department of Physics.
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InstructorI. Kominis
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Goal of the courseThe goal of this course is to train the students in the conceptual underpinnings of quantum technology, in particular the understanding of the basic principles of quantum computers. The course will include a brief introduction to the other three pillars of quantum technology, namely quantum communications, quantum sensing and quantum simulations.
Since the field of quantum technology is rapidly evolving, there is already a special "language” that has been developed in the literature, the unfamiliarity with which makes accessing the field rather challenging. The goal of the course is exactly to provide students with a working familiarity with quantum technology and the current open problems of interest to the scientific community as well as the private sector, which is an important driver of the field’s explosive growth.
In parallel with understanding the conceptual framework of quantum technology and quantum computers, student will learn to develop quantum circuits with software packages like Qiskit, and run them in small quantum computers available in the cloud.
The course has a prerequisite the compulsory Quantum Mechanics course of the Department of Physics (PHYS-303)
Syllabus1) Classical computers, classical information
2) Quantum states of single qubits, Bloch sphere, quantum coherence
3) Quantum states of two or more qubits, quantum entanglement
4) Quantum measurements, decoherence
5) Quantum information
6) Quantum gates, basic principles of quantum computers
7) Quantum algorithms
8) Physical realization of quantum computers
9) Quantum communications, quantum sensing, quantum simulations
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