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Syllabus of the course: Analog Electronics

In this web page we provide the syllabus of the course Analog Electronics, offered by the Department of Physics.
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InstructorP. Tzanetakis
ProgramWednesday, 09:00-12:00, Computing Lab 2
Thursday, 16:00-17:00, Room 2
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Goal of the courseA graduate course on the design and analysis of analog electronic circuits based on extensive practice with the simulation software SPICE. It is taught with one hour per week introduction to the topic studied in a classroom and 3 hours per week of SPICE lab work guided by the teacher, in a computer room. Emphasis is given on ideas and building blocks of interest to experimental research in Science. Prerequisites are an undergraduate course on Linear Circuit Analysis and an introductory course on analog electronic devices and circuits as are, respectively, the Φ-271 and Φ-374 courses of the Department.
SyllabusBasic SPICE tutorial. DC bias point of simple transistor circuits. Feedback, DC analysis. Small signal linear models, AC analysis and Bode plots. Transient simulation and the non-linear analysis capabilities of SPICE. Amplifiers, buffers common emitter, voltage follower and common base transistor circuits and their use. Input and output impedance and Thevenin equivalents. Building blocks of complex circuits. Implementation and applications of [controlled] current sources. Differential pairs, transconductance amplifiers, virtual ground. Active load and high voltage gain, operational amplifiers. Output stages, Push-Pull. Frequency response, Miller effect, cascode. Complex frequency, transfer functions, Laplace transform. Active Filters, Tuned Amplifiers. Balanced mixers. Voltage controlled gain.
BibliographyMicroelectronic Circuits A.C Sedra and K.C. Smith.

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