2008 Panayotis KEVREKIDIS
"For his contributions in applied mathematics and the theory of extended discrete and continuous nonlinear systems and applications in nonlinear optics and Bose – Einstein condensates."
2006 Tsampikos KOTTOS
"For his contributions in the theory of quantum chaos and random matrices with applications in quantum graphs, nonlinear processes and semiclassical mechanics."
2004 Peter HAMM
"For the development of femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy in the infrared range with pioneering applications to studies of nonlinear localized states as means for storing and transporting vibrational energy in molecular crystals and proteins."
2002 Sergej FLACH
"For his many contributions in the theory of discrete breathers in discrete nonlinear Hamiltonian systems, with applications to localized modes in atomic and molecular crystals and to coupled arrays of Josphson junctions."
2000 Raymond E. GOLDSTEIN
"For his contributions to the understanding of pattern formation involving the dynamics of filaments, interfaces and surfaces, combining powerful mathematical methods with penetrating physical arguments, numerical computations and experiments to clarify nonlinear phenomena in a wide variety of physical and biological systems."
1998 Alexey USTINOV
"For outstanding experimental, numerical, and theoretical research on the nonlinear dynamics of extended Josephson superconducting systems "
1996 George P. TSIRONIS
"For his many contributions to nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and the theory of solitons in non linear lattices, with applications to molecular crystals and biophysics"
1994 Yuri S. KIVSHAR
"For his many contributions to classical soliton dynamics including studies of nonlinear lattices, gap solitons, coupled Josephson transmission lines, local modes in inhomogeneous chains, acoustic surface waves, and the stimulated Raman effect in optical fibers"
1992 Rober Sinclair MACKAY
"For his several important contributions to the mathematics of nonlinear dynamical systems, including: i) his work on area preserving maps, ii) his investigations of transitions to chaos, and iii) his applications of his work to study the properties of incommensurate structures and of transport in Hamiltonian systems. Dr. MacKay has created a significant body of mathematical theory in the area of Hamiltonian dynamics that strongly influences current research in quantum chaos, hydrodynamic stability, and turbulence."