The Department of Physics celebrates its 40th anniversary

September 2018 marks 40 years since the first courses in Physics at the then "School of Physics and Mathematics" of the University of Crete, in the buildings of the Technical School of Nea Alikarnassos (in Heraklion). In the first year, 65 students were enrolled in the Physics "Division" of the School. The Department of Physics decided to celebrate the occasion with various events during 2018.

The Department is very pleased, and proud, that a relatively large number of its graduates follow a successful research career in Greece and abroad. Throughout 2018 we will organize an "anniversary" series of seminars that will be given by former graduates of the Department who hold positions in Universities and Research Institutes in Greece (outside Heraklio) and abroad. The current list of the "Anniversary Seminars for the 40 Years of the Physics Department" is available here.

The buildings of the Department of Physics are located at the University Campus, in the southern suburbs of the city of Heraklion, on the island of Crete. We are known internationally for high quality research in all areas of modern physics, as well as for the high level of education and career opportunities offered to our students. Over the years we have developed a broad curriculum of undergraduate physics courses and a competitive graduate program leading to Masters and Ph.D. degrees.

We hope that our web pages will provide a thorough description of our activities. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information.

News of the Department


Award of a Physics Department student by the President of the Republic.
The first-year student of our Department, Mr. E. Kokkinis, was a member of the Hellenic Chemistry Group that participated in the 50th Olympiad of Chemistry. The group was attended by 12 students, all over Greece, who had taken part in the Pan-Hellenic Chemistry School Competition. The Olympiad was held from 19 to 28 July in Prague and Bratislava and was attended by students from 76 countries. Mr. Kokkinis won a bronze medal (one of the three won by the team) and for his success he will be awarded by the President of the Republic on 17/2. The Department is particularly pleased with the success and reward of Mr. Kokkinis and we wish him every success in his studies.


Best PhD thesis award for Georgia-Virginia (Gina) Panopoulou

The Department of Physics would like to extend its warmest congratulations to Georgia-Virginia (Gina) Panopoulou, who received the best PhD thesis award for 2017 from  Division H Interstellar Matter and Local Universe, of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). IAU is the largest international astronomy organization, with over 12,000 members from 79 countries.

Dr. Panopoulou, who moved as a postdoctoral researcher at the  Department of Astronomy of the California Institute of Technology (USA), completed her dissertation, entitled  "Structure and evolution of magnetic molecular clouds : observational consequences and tests”, under the supervision of Prof.  Kostas Tassis, a faculty of our Department and affiliated researcher at the Institute for Electronic Structure and Laser of FORTH.

This international recongition is a clear indication of the quality of  Dr. Panopoulou as a young scientist, as well as of the high level of research and opportunities offered to our graduate students.

7 May 2018

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