Colloquia 2019 - 2020

The Colloquia of the Department of Physics take place in the 3rd floor Seminar Room of the Physics Bldg., every Thursday at 5:00pm during the academic year. Occasionally, Special Colloquia are scheduled at alrernative days and times. The talks are in english, should be general and cover topics from all areas of physics and related sciences. The typical audience consists of members of the physics faculty, researchers, visitors, and graduate students as well as other members of the academic and research community of University of Crete and FORTH. During the 2020 calendar year the Colloquia are also supported by the Instiutute of Astrophysics-FORTH.

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

  • February, 6, 2020


    Dr. Johanne Hizanidis, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Crete

  • February, 12, 2020

    "ΤΗz spintronics : probing ultrafast spin and charge current dynamics"

    Prof. Evangelos Papaioannou, TU of Kaiserslautern, Germany

  • February, 13, 2020


    Dr. Manas Kulkarni, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore, India

  • February, 20, 2020


    Prof. Christoforos Moutafis, University of Manchester, UK

  • February, 27, 2020

    "The dark matter puzzle"

    Prof. Françoise Combes, Obs. de Paris & College de France, France

  • March, 5, 2020

    Aspects of quantum nanophotonics: from quantum-informed plasmonics to strong coupling

    Dr. Christos Tserkezis, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

  • March, 12, 2020


    Dr. Elli Pomoni, DESY, Germany

  • March, 19, 2020

    Cellular Noise and Metabolism, as a Matter of Fat

    Prof. Andreas Vasdekis, Dept of Physics, University of Idaho, USA

  • March, 26, 2020


    Dr. Nikitas Papasimakis, Univ. of Southampton, UK

  • April, 2, 2020


    Prof. Dimitra Rigopoulou, Dept. of Physics, Oxford University, UK

  • April, 9, 2020

    “Transport in strong coupled systems’’

    Prof. Aristomenis Donos, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University, UK

  • April, 30, 2020


    Prof. Erik P. Verlinde, Dept. Physics, Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • May, 7, 2020


    Prof. Ulf Daniellson, Uppsala Univ., Sweden

  • May, 14, 2020


    Prof. Stefanos Papanikolaou, West Virginia University, USA

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