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In this web page we present the courses offered by the Department of Physics during the current academic year. We provide the code, title, and category of each course (A=Compulsory, B or C = Elective), as well as the name of the instructor, and the corresponding number of ECTS and hours per week (lectures, excersises, or labs) for each course.
If you click on the code of the course, you will obtain its syllabus, which you may print. The list of all courses offered by the Department of Physics is available here

Courses of Fall Semester 2017 – 2018: [ Show / Hide]
Code Title Instructor Category ECTS Hours
Φ-011English IM. SisamakisA43
Φ-101General Physics IN. KylafisA76
Φ-102General Physics II (Exercises)I. PapadakisA72
Φ-103Topics in Modern Physics IA. ZezasC33
Φ-108Physics Laboratory I - Mechanics & ThermodynamicsA. Zezas, E. PalaiologouA73
Φ-111General Mathematics IX. Zotos,T. PapakostasA76
Φ-112General Mathematics II (Exercises)G. AthanasiuA72
Φ-113Mathematics for Physics IG. C. PsaltakisA76
Φ-150Introduction to ComputersI. PapadakisA45
Φ-201Introduction to Modern Physics IS. TraxanasA76
Φ-207Physics Laboratory II - ElectricityZ. HatzopoulosA73
Φ-208Physics Laboratory III - OpticsΤ. TzourosA73
Φ-211Differential Equations IG. AthanasiuA76
Φ-230Astrophysics IV. Charmandaris, I. PapadakisB64
Φ-234Astronomical Data AnalysisP. Reig, Α. ZezasC64
Φ-251Introduction to the C++ Programming LanguageS. StamatiadisC64
Φ-273Introduction to Semiconductor DevicesA. GeorgakilasB63
Φ-277Electron MicroscopyV. BinasC64
Φ-291Introduction to Computing - Teaching AssistantTh. TzourosC36
Φ-293Physics Lab I - Teaching AssistantA. ZezasC36
Φ-294Physics Lab II - Teaching AssistantZ. HatzopoulosC36
Φ-296Online Modern Physics I - Teaching AssistantS. TrachanasC33
Φ-303Quantum Mechanics IP. RakitzisA76
Φ-307Advanced Physics Laboratory IE. IliopoulosA73
Φ-324Gravity and CosmologyTh. TomarasB64
Φ-333Atmospheric Environment Ι. VardavasB64
Φ-341Molecular BiophysicsI. KominisC64
Φ-361Introduction to Optoelectronics - PhotonicsG. KatsoprinakisB63
Φ-403From the Quarks to the UniverseE. EconomouA76
Φ-405Thermodynamics and Statistical PhysicsK. MakrisA76
Φ-461Laboratory of Laser and Modern PhysicsC. Fotakis, E. Stratakis, FarsariB77
Φ-466Techniques of Laser SpectroscopyD. SofikitisC65
Φ-509Classical ElectrodynamicsK. TassisB66
Φ-511Mathematical Methods for PhysicsN. TsamisB65
Φ-528Artificial Neural NetworksG. AthanasiuB54
Φ-573Laboratory of Semiconductor PhysicsA. AdikimenakisB54
Φ-604Quantum Field TheoryΤ. TomarasB54
Φ-631Astrophysics IIIV. PavlidouB54
Φ-665Quantum Electronics ID. CharalambidisB64
Φ-677Electronic Thin Film ScienceA. GeorgakilasB54
Φ-703Applied Quantum MechanicsN. FlytzanisB66
Φ-800Quantum Optics and Quantum InformationP. Lambropoulos, G. NikolopoulosB54
Φ-841Special Topics in Condensed Matter PhysicsN. PapanicolaouB54

Courses of Spring Semester 2017 – 2018: [ Show / Hide]
Code Title Instructor Category ECTS Hours
Φ-012English IIM. SisamakisA43
Φ-101General Physics I (Exercises)G. AthensiouA72
Φ-102General Physics III. PapadakisA76
Φ-108Physics Laboratory I - Mechanics & ThermodynamicsA.Zezas, I.Kominis, M. PalaiologouA73
Φ-111General Mathematics I (Exercises)T. PapakostasA72
Φ-112General Mathematics IIG.TsironisA76
Φ-113Mathematics for Physics I (Exercises)G. C. TsironisA72
Φ-151Introduction to Programming - CV.Charmandaris, G.Tsampos, S. StamatiadisA65
Φ-152Numerical AnalysisS. StamatiadisB66
Φ-202Introduction to Modern Physics IIT. TomarasA76
Φ-204Classical MechanicsK. TassisA76
Φ-207Physics Laboratory II - ElectricityZ. HatzopoulosA73
Φ-208Physics Laboratory III - OpticsT.Zouros, P. RakitzisA73
Φ-212Differential Equations IIE. KiristsisA76
Φ-292Programming with C - Teaching AssistantV. CharmandarisC36
Φ-295Physics Lab III - Teaching AssistantTh. TzourosC36
Φ-301Electromagnetism IV. PavlidouA76
Φ-304Quantum Mechanics IIS.Trachanas, P.Rakitzis, I. KaradamoglouB66
Φ-307Advanced Physics Laboratory ID. CharalampidisA73
Φ-311Mathematics for Physics IIP. Ditsas, N. TsamisB64
Φ-331Astrophysics IIA. ZezasB64
Φ-338Principles and Applications of Remote SensingN. ChrysoulakisC64
Φ-351Computational Physics IX. ZotosB65
Φ-374Elements of ElectronicsE. IliopoulosB76
Φ-425Dynamics and SymmetriesN. TsamisB64
Φ-428Introduction to Artificial Neural NetworksG. AthanasiuC64
Φ-441Introduction to Condensed Matter PhysicsE. EconomouB64
Φ-461Laboratory of Laser and Modern PhysicsC. Fotakis, E. StratakisB77
Φ-467Atomic, Molecular, and Optical PhysicsΜεταπτυχιακός ΥπότροφοςB64
Φ-473Semiconductor Physics LaboratoryΜεταπτυχιακός ΥπότροφοςC75
Φ-478Elements of Material ScienceG. KiriakidisC64
Φ-491Diploma ThesisFaculty of the Department of PhysicsC128
Φ-503Advanced Quantum MechanicsP. LambropoulosB66
Φ-505Statistical PhysicsK. MakrisB64
Φ-523Quantum Many-Particle SystemsG.C. PsaltakisB54
Φ-532Production and Transfer of RadiationI. VardavasB54
Φ-567Advanced Atomic and Molecular PhysicsWolf von KlitzingB54
Φ-572Physics of Semiconductor DevicesA. GeorgakilasB64
Φ-669Advanced Methods of Computational PhysicsX. ZotosB54
Φ-675Semiconducting Optoelectronic DevicesN. PelekanosB53
Φ-733Physics of GalaxiesV. CharmandarisB54
Φ-841Special Topics in Condensed Matter PhysicsN. PapanicolaouB54

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