Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Computer Center of the School of Sciences of the University of Crete, offers secure access to services restricted to the Dept. of Physics domain name (ie. online access to journals requiring subscription, Library cataloques, access to the Web of Knowledge database) from anywhere in the word, via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This service offered to all members of the Department with a valid e-mail account and uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) technology and the open source software OpenVPN. IPv4 and IPv6 internet access is enabled for all VPN users.

Follow the instructions bellow to install the required software as well as the configuration file to your computer, in order to connect to the VPN of the Department of Physics.

You will need your E-mail and your E-mail password in Department of Physics in order to connect as well as to download the required configuration files.

You can verify that VPN is connected succesfully by clicking here.

In case you want access to private resources/computers not accessible from the internet, we can assign a static private IP in VPN for you. Please contact to request.

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