Web pages

Personal Web pages

Each user of the Physics Department may create and maintain her/his personal Web page. The contents must be saved in a directory named "public_html" which is located in the $HOME directory of the user. The $HOME directory of each user, is accessible through Secure Shell and Secure FTP (more information in section "Remote Access" ). The proposed permissions of both $HOME directory and “public_html" is 701. The web server supports content in HTML only (not PHP, ASP or .NET), therefore, the first file to look for in the directory "public_html"   is "index.html".

After creating your content, you can view it by using a web browser and typing an address of the following format "http://users.physics.uoc.gr/~username ", where " username" is the username you have.

Web pages of the Courses of the Department of Physics


Web pages of the Department’s courses follow a specific appearance and operation pattern and addresses are of the format: phXXX.edu.physics.uoc.gr , where "phXXX"  is the code number of the course. To create or update the content, Secure Shell or Secure FTP may be used. If the web page of the course is not available already, you should contact the Computer Center to take the necessary actions to create the new web page.

Web pages of Conferences and web pages of the groups of the Department

The web pages can be developed either in HTML or in PHP in collaboration with the Computer Center.

Note: In all the above cases, a content development platform can be installed and used by the administrator of the page. In this case, administrators are responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the platform they use. If for technical reasons or due to improper maintenance, the platform is affecting the normal operation of servers, then the website will be automatically turned off in order to preserve the safety and the proper functionality of the system.

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