Administration and Committees of the Department

Department Chair 
Andreas Zezas

ZezasAndreas Zezas received his BSc in Physics from the Univ. of Patras in 1996 and his PhD in 2002 from the University of Leicester (UK).. He joined the Department of Physics as an Assistant Professor in the fall of 2008, he was promoted to Associate Professor in 2015 and to Professor in 2020. In 2014 he was awarded an ERC consolidator grant entitled Accreting binary populations in Nearby Galaxies: Observations and Simulations (A-BINGOS). His research interests is the study of discrete X-ray sources in other galaxies  (neutron star and black-hole X-ray binaries, and supernova remnants), induced star-formation and nuclear activity in interacting galaxies, and the cosmological evolution of galaxies and their populations of compact objects. He served as Deputy Chair of the Department during 2021-23 and as Chairperson since September 1st, 2023.

Phone: +30-2810-394302

Department Deputy Chair
Alexandros Georgakilas

GeorgakilasAlexandros Georgakilas obtained his BSc. in Physics from the University of Patras in 1984 and his Ph.D. from the Physics Department, University of Crete in 1990. Between 1984 and 1995 he worked as a research assistant or research associate in the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), Heraklion, Crete. In 1987 he was at Thomson-CSF, Paris, France and in 1991-1992 at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA. His research interests are in applied physics and materials science of advanced semiconductor materials and devices. In September 1995 he joined the Physics Department of University of Crete as an assistant professor and was appointed as an associate professor in October 2002. He was promoted to a Professor in 2010. He served as the Department Chair during 2019-23 and he is Deputy Chair since September 1st, 2023.

Phone: +30-2810-394104

Secretary of the Department 
Eleni Kantidaki

Administrative Secretary

Phone: +30-2810-394308


Committees of the Department

Undergraduate Program Committee (Approved: 14/9/2020)
V. Charmandaris (Chair),  E. IliopoulosI. KiritsisP. RakitzisK. Tassis, G. Tsironis

Commitee of the Masters Program  "Advanced Physics" (Approved: 1/9/2022 until 31/8/2024)
V. Niarchos (Director), V. Charmandaris,  Α. Georgakilas, K. MakrisP. Rakitzis

Commitee of the Masters Program  "Photonics and Nanoelectronics"  (Approved: 1/9/2022 until 31/8/2024)
P. Rakitzis, (Director),  V. Charmandaris, A. GeorgakilasK. Makris, V. Niarchos

Self-Evaluation Committee (ΟΜΕΑ)  (Approved: 13/11/2023)  (Approved: 6/12/2021)   (Approved: 11/6/2018)​ (Approved: 30/11/2015)
K. Tassis (Chair), I. Kominis, V. Niarchos, I. Karadamoglou, M. Matalliotaki

Committee on Security & Health (Approved: 6/4/2020)
A. Georgakilas - Department Chair, Role: contact with the fire brigade and evacuation of Bldg.
Ε. Iliopoulos, Role: contact with bldg custodians
Α. Zezas, Role: cotrol of fire extinghuishing  system
Ε. Pattakou, Role: secretarial support
K. Martis, President of Student Union

Committee on Office & Building Space (Approved: 1/4/2006)
V. Charmandaris (Chair)
Ε. Pattakou, Role: liaison with the Chair of the Department

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