Physics Bldg Areas

In this page we present pictures and some basic information regarding the main teaching/seminar rooms of the Department of Physics. Detailed maps of all levels of the Physics Bldg, as well as the numbers of offices, are available in the following PDF file.

Seminar & Meeting Rooms Comments
Seminar Room of 3rd Floor  
capacity 100, projector (VGA/HDMI), blackboard
Lobby area of 3rd Floor Seminar Room  
Blackboard, Kitchenette, Fridge 
Conference Room - Rotunda, 2nd Floor  
capacity 27, TV Screen 65 in, (wireless HDMI)
Seminar Room of 2nd Floor  
capacity 22, projector (VGA/HDMI), Blackboard
Seminar Room of 1st Floor  
capacity 54, projector (VGA/HDMI), Blackboard
Coffee Room of 2nd Floor  
capacity 18, projector (VGA/HDMI), Blackboard, Microwave, Espresso
Coffee Room of 1st Floor  
capacity 14, projector (HDMI), Blackboard, printer

Lecture Rooms & Labs Comments
Computer Room 2 of 1st Floor  
capacity 35, Blackboard, projector (HDMI)
Computer Room 3 of 1st Floor  
capacity 33, Blackboard, projector (VGA)
Amphitheater "Xanthopoulos - Pnevmatikos", Ground Floor  
capacity 140, Blackboard, projector (VGA)
Amphitheater "Stephanos Trachanas", Ground Floor  
capacity 90, Blackboard, projector (VGA)
Lecture Room 1, Ground Floor  
capacity 80, Blackboard, projector (VGA)
Lecture Room 2, Ground Floor  
capacity 42, Blackboard, projector (VGA/HDMI)
Lecture Room 3, Mezzanine  
capacity 112, Blackboard, projector (VGA/HDMI)
Lecture Room 4 (Fermi), 1st Floor  
capacity 40, Blackboard, projector (VGA/HDMI)

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