Master's Recipients of the Department of Physics

During the academic year 2008-2009 the Department of Physics restructured its graduate programs. As a result the programs on "General Physics" and "Micro-/Opto-electronics" seized to exist in 2008 an 2013 respectively. Currently, the Department offers two intensive Master's programs on "Advanced Physics" and "Photonics-Nanoelectronics". In this web page we present the names of all individuals who were awarded a Master's (MSc) degree, including the year the degree was conferred, as well as their specialty and title of dissertation where available. As of July 2024, a total of 454 MSc degrees have been awarded by the Department. Of those, there were 152 MSc in "General Physics", 132 MSc in "Micro-/Opto-electronics", 107 MSc in "Advanced Physics" and 64 MSc in "Photonics-Nanoelectronics". For any corrections or updates please contact Prof. V. Charmandaris.

A histogram with the distribution as a function of time, of all Masters degrees awarded by the Department is available here.

ΈτοςNameΚατεύθυνση / Τίτλος Μεταπτυχιακής ΔιατριβήςΠρόγραμμα
2024Sargianni ZoiCavity-Enhanced Polarimetry Techniques for Chirality MeasurementsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Linaraki ArtemisMeasurement of Weak Optical Rotation from Chiral Organic Vapors via Cavity Enhanced Polarization SpectroscopyPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Simopoulos GeorgiosNon-Hermitian open quantum systemsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Giouni PolyxeniStudy of polypropylene microcavities using whispering gallery mode resonation.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Michail AntreasPulsed laser processing of graphene-based materials.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Tsichlis Christos PanagiotisConductometric gas sensors based on nanostructured metal oxide thin films.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Langis Dimitrios-AlkinoosStudy of the optical/UV time lags in quasars.Advanced Physics
 Parskevaidou SofiaHomogenization of the network of the air pollution observations in Crete.Advanced Physics
 Stratoudakis AlexandrosThermal dispersion relations for conformal field theories at finite temperature.Advanced Physics
 Sygrimis Andrianos-IliasPlasmonic Enhancement in two dimensional materials and metamaterials.Advanced Physics
 Tzouvanou AnastasiaOptical Polarimetry in Be/X-ray binaries: Warped and Precessed Disks During Type-II Outbursts.Advanced Physics
2023Papamakarios SavvasFabrication of 3D low THz metamaterials via 2-Photon PolymerizationPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Kontogeorgiou KonstantinosNon-Hermitian effects in hexagonal latticesAdvanced Physics
 Loudas NikolaosDiscriminating power of milli-lensing observations for dark matter modelsAdvanced Physics
 Papoutsis MariosTheoretical model fits to the optical/UV spectral energy distributions of AGNAdvanced Physics
 Trianatafyllou NikolaosSearching for a Signature of Turnaround in Velocity Profiles of Galaxy Clusters with Machine LearningAdvanced Physics
 Tersenov AndreasComparison of mass-mapping techniques using weak gravitational lensing. Application to the UNIONS galaxy surveyAdvanced Physics
 Klironomou EvgeniaDevelopment of a novel photoacoustic imaging prototype for the non-destructure in-depth investigation of cultural heritage itemsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Draganidis IoannisDevelopment of an inverse scattering algorithm for optical diffraction tomographyPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Divaris GerasimosDevelopment and integration of wavefront shaping techiques in a multiparametric microscopePhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Armaou NataliaElectrical impedance spectroscopy of relative humidity sensors based on NiPS3Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Banoutsos ApostolosPhotodissociation of CH2Br2 & CHBr3 at 193nmPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Siogka ChristinaFabrication of HSFL Structures on Bulk Metallic and Semiconducting Materials with Ultrashort Laser PulsesPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Findrilis NektariosPhotodissociation of CH2Br2 & CHBR3 at 242nm.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Sfakianou AngelikiGas sensors based on 2D materials.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Volakakis IoannisPulsars with GAIA counterparts.Advanced Physics
 Zacharopoulou TheodoraInterferometric Imaging Simulations for the ARGOS array.Advanced Physics
 Kyvernitaki Synani AnnaTurnaround density as a probe of the dark energy equation of state.Advanced Physics
 Mastorakis MichailInvestigating Stellar Explosions Using Stellar Evolution Models.Advanced Physics
 Orfanos IoannisSearch for AGN jet alignments in the Very Large Array Sky Survey Data.Advanced Physics
 Foukarakis EmmanouilNeutrino radio signatures with ARGOS.Advanced Physics
 Psarakis CharalamposGalaxy cluster detection in the local universe using machine learning methods.Advanced Physics
2022Gkimisi KatiaEstimate of the magnetic field in the Polaris Flare region using data from the RoboPol instrumentAdvanced Physics
 Markopoulioti LydiaStudying the Spectra of Luminous Infrared Galaxies (LIRGs)Advanced Physics
 Kormentzas Alexandros DionysiosFinite temperature dynamics of the Lieb-Liniger Bose gas modelAdvanced Physics
 Ritsopoulos DimitriosQuantum estimation of a static magnetic field's direction utilizing spin-1/2 probesAdvanced Physics
 Gavalas MichailPolycrystalline SiC for brain implantable electrodesPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Zavitsanos PanagiotisUsing optical aberrations as wavefront modulatorsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Koutrakis MichailSensitive chiral sensing of single-drop solutions by signal-reversing cavity-ringdown polarimetryPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Spachis LeandrosOptimization and characterization of highly elliptical XUV radiationPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Tazes KonstantinosChiral sensing of solutions by signal reversing cavity ringdown polarimetryPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Tzimkas-Dakis FilipposEnhanced optical cross-section, superradiance and subradiance from strongly interacting atomsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Dolapsakis DimitriosDevelopment of a Lab-in-a-Fiber gas CO2 pressure sensorPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Michailidis PanagiotisPropagation of Tornado waves in turbulent mediaPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Provias AlexandrosStudy of nano-rectifiers based on carbon nanotubes and fullerenesPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Sarakatsianos VasileiosFiber-optic chemo-sensors for perfluorinated substances sensingPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Vasilaki ChristianaDark matter bound state formation and thermal decoupling in the early universeAdvanced Physics
 Georgousi MariaDesign of a Laser Frequency Stabilization Module for Space ApplicationsAdvanced Physics
 Daoutis CharalamposGalaxy activity classification and dominant photo-ionization mechanism characterization using optical spectra and machine learning methodsAdvanced Physics
 Droudakis KonstantinosSpectral and timing analysis of transient X-ray pulsarsAdvanced Physics
 Leventis AndronikosNon-Hermitian jumps in disordered latticesAdvanced Physics
 Fragkioudakis Emmanouil-ChrysovalantisStudy of light-induced phase-segregation in mixed-halide perovskitesPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
2021Gojda FranceskaDevelopment of Functional Material SurfacesAdvanced Physics
 Konstantinou AnnaStudy of the impact of the interstellar cloud shapes on CMB polarization foregroundsAdvanced Physics
 Papadaki AikateriniModeling of Speech Signals using Recurrent Neural NetworksAdvanced Physics
 Frantzeskakis RafailCreation and purification of photonic entanglement from self-assembled quantum dotsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Tzortzakakis AndreasNon-Hermitian disorded photonic systemsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Toutoudaki EiriniCavity-enhanced atomic Iodine spectroscopy: towards PNC optical rotation measurementsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Konstantakis PanagiotisHigh reflectivity XUV focusing system using toroidal mirrors and a hexapod robot devicePhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Katsipoulaki EiriniPhotochemical doping of monolayer (1L-WSe2)Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Examilioti PandoraDouble compensated sub-Doppler spectroscopy for ultra-cold atom experimentsAdvanced Physics
 Karakonstantakis AngelosStudy of long term X-ray time lags in AGNAdvanced Physics
 Savathrakis GeorgiosIdentification of clusters in observational and mock galaxy catalogsAdvanced Physics
 Frantzeskos CharalamposClassification of X-ray Binary Systems using the machine learning methods of Random Forest and Artificial Neural NetworksAdvanced Physics
 Synanidis Adamantios-PanagiotisNon-Hermitian quantum photonic systemsAdvanced Physics
2020Korkidis GeorgiosTurnaround radius of galaxy clusters in N-body simulations.Advanced Physics
 Kyritsis IliasSpectral classification of stars based on Machine Learning Methods.Advanced Physics
 Lamprou TheocharisDevelopment of a Homodyne Detection Tomography Approach.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Xygkis MichalisNanoresolved magnetometry with spin polarized hydrogen atomsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Siaitanidou ChristinaTowards two-dimensional Gallium Nitride Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Vardakis KonstantinosOptical techniques to enhance the sensitivity of optical microscopy Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Vervelaki AndrianiStudy of luminescence of optically pumped transition metal dichalcogenides for use in polariton devices Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Kampitakis VictorAdvance electronic materials for hydrogen sensing Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Tamiolakis Ioannis3D printing of complex phase surfaces for THz wavefront Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Ifaistos TheofanisConformal field theories and analytic Bootstrap Advanced Physics
 Tsiakoulias - Manettas DimitriosExplorations with the Conformal Bootstrap Advanced Physics
 Chocholis EvangelosHolographic approach to cosmology Advanced Physics
 Kaltsas DimitriosNon-Hermitian topological lattices Advanced Physics
2019Bairamis AntoniosSimulation and Epitaxial Growth of AlN/GaN Nano-heterostructures for High Electron Mobility Transistors.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Petromichelaki EvangeliaChemical synthesis of ZnO nanostructures, following environmental friendly approaches and study of their structural and optical properties.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Spanos Ioannis3D mechanical metamaterialsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Angelinos NikolaosCriticality and Transport in magnetized holographic systemsAdvanced Physics
 Takou EvangeliaDynamic Anapole: Realization by Metasurfaces made of Sculptured and Water-based CylindersAdvanced Physics
 Villia Maria MyrtoPredicting dynamical chaos with recurrent neural networks.Advanced Physics
 Mandarakas NikolaosGlobal alignments of radio-jets.Advanced Physics
 Bertsias AntoniosClassification of X-ray binary systems using machine learning methods.Advanced Physics
 Afentaki AngelikiMolecular Dynamics of small systems probed with light and electrons.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Deltsidis AlexandrosMetasurfaces for advanced wave control.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Charalampakis MichailInk development of nickel cobalt oxides for printable supercapacitor electrodes.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
2018Velli Maria ChristinaAssessment of the localizability of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic-Ray (UHECR) sources through next-generation optopolarimetric experiments. Advanced Physics
 Tsiatsiou SophiaObservations of galaxies in the local universe with the space telescope Gaia Advanced Physics
 Skalidis RafailMeasuring optical polarization in low dust extinction regions Advanced Physics
 Moschogiannaki Marilena Study of toxic gases by using n- and p- type composite material Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Miziou FoteiniNitride microcavities for polariton devices Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Aliprantis StamatiosModeling the X-ray luminosity function of High Mass X-ray Binary systems in the small Magellanic Cloud.Advanced Physics
 Gratsea AikateriniPreparation of high-dimensional maximally entangled states of a single photon in a quantum walkAdvanced Physics
 Zampetakis MichailChaos Map Analysis of Particle Stability in AcceleratorsAdvanced Physics
 Ilias TheodorosQuantum Dissipation in non-Markovian reservoirsAdvanced Physics
 Magkos GrigoriosBiometrics through retinal detection of non-classical lightAdvanced Physics
 Romanopoulos StylianosCosmological Perturbation and Screening in ΛDGP ModelAdvanced Physics
 Kefalogianni MariaDeveloping and optimizing light sheet microscopy using opaque lenses and wave front shapingPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Ladika DimitraOptical characterization of organic non linear materialsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Brimis ApostolosOrbital angular momentum and accelerating optical wavepacketsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Ntalopoulos AntoniosDevelopment of an imaging platform for in-vivo observations in mouse models using combined photoacoustic and optical microscopyPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Papanikolaou AthanasiaDevelopment of a photoacoustic monitoring system for the study of laser ablation processes upon the removal of encrustation from stoneworkPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Choulakis AndreasParity-Time (PT) symmetry in coupled laser cavitiesPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
2017Georgakis SpyridonCharacterization and growth of InGaN thin films by the sputtering method.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Georgopoulos SpyridonInteraction of ultra-short laser pulses with solid surfaces and double-layers.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Lampropoulos EfstathiosExperimental studies in Matter-Wave Lasers.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Bournelis TheodorosShock waves in magnetized fusion plasma.Advanced Physics
 Papadaki AntigoniApplication of optical spectroscopy for the identification of agro-foods (olive oil and tsikoudia), quality control and adulteration of extra virgin olive oil.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Antoniou NektariaA Big Data analytics application in Transportation and Astrophysics.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Lekosiotis AthanasiosDevelopment of a 5 fs laser system for the generation of ultra-short XUV radiation.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Kokkinos DionysiosThe study of the Anisotropic Fluid Solution of Carter’s Family of Metrics, an attempt to construct a ‘Realistic Stellar Model'.Advanced Physics
 Kokolakis KonstantinosUnidentified γ-ray sources: optical polarization as a new method for the association of γ-ray sources with lower energy counterparts.Advanced Physics
 Kousvos Stefanos RobertThe turnaround radius in Brane-World models.Advanced Physics
 Maragkakis Georgios - MiltiadisQuantitative Diagnostic Tools for the Characterization of Neutron Star and Black Hole Compact Objects, and their Accretion States, in NuSTAR, Chandra, and XMM-Newton Data.Advanced Physics
 Matthaiakakis IoannisLorentz breaking extrema in effective gauge theories.Advanced Physics
 Petrakakis EmmanouilStudy of quantum coherence in multi-nuclear-spin radical-pairs by use of a parallel supercomputer.Advanced Physics
 Thyris IoannisDevelopment of high temperature single photon emitters based on InAs piezoelectric quantum dots.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Archontakis EmmanouilNon-linear microscopy applications for imaging of sub-cellular structures and tissue samples.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Gabritchidze BekariStructural and electrical properties of self-assembled graphene oxide hydrogels.Advanced Physics
 Kannis ChrysovalantisSpin-polarized atoms and molecules in magnetic fields.Advanced Physics
 Lemonaki KrystaliaExploitation of non-linear effects for the discrimination of absorbers in optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy using single wavelength excitation.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Mavrotsoupakis EmmanouilGeneration of ultrashort XUV pulses in the μJ energy range.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Mouloudakis Georgios EfthymiosAutoionization Resonances strongly driven by Stochastic fields.Advanced Physics
 Patatoukos KokkimidisA Study of non-Hermitian PT-symmetric lattice Hamiltonians.Advanced Physics
 Chatzarakis NikolaosStudy and fabrication optimization of photodetectors based on Transition metal dichalcogenides.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
2016Tsikritsaki EleftheriaControl of GaN polarity on Si (111) substrate.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Filippakis IoannisAutofocusing accelerating optical beamsPhotonics and Nanoelectronics
 Tagkoudi EiriniMagneto-rheological devices in microstructured optical fibersMicro-Optoelectronics
 Demeridou IoannaPhotochemical doping of mechanically exfoliated monlayer WS2Micro-Optoelectronics
 Papadopoulou ElissavetUltrafast Opto-acoustic Processes and Devices.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Amargianitakis EmmanouilNitride polariton structures with improved chracteristics.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Aslanoglou StellaProcessing of Biomaterials Surfaces for Gene Delivery Applications.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Komis IoannisGamma Rays from the high-redshift Universe.Advanced Physics
 Mylonaki FoteiniX-ray spectral and timing analysis of the accreting pulsar 4U 1901 +03 during a giant outburst.Advanced Physics
 Panagiotou ChristosSimultaneous Optical/Ultraviolet/X-ray variability study of NGC5548Advanced Physics
 Tanoglidis DimitriosProbing Dark Energy with Cosmic Structures.Advanced Physics
 Psaradaki IoannaStudy of the magnetic fields and filamentary structures in the Polaris Flare molecular cloudAdvanced Physics
 Stivaktaki MarinaPhotochemical doping of two-dimensional crystalline materials.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Triantopoulos KonstantinosStudy and optimization of field effect transistors based on graphene.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Tsafas Vasileios GerasimosStudy of aging in muscles in-vivo, using Polarization sensitive Second Harmonic Generation microscopy.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Koutentakis GeorgiosRenormalization Group Flows in Non-Relativistic Holografic Effective Field Theories.Advanced Physics
 Katerinopoulou Dimitra“Study of n-type metal oxide gas sensors utilizing Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW)”Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Mouloudakis Konstantinos“Entropy and quantum information in the biochemical reactions of the magnetic compass”Advanced Physics
 Beleniotis Petros“ Electrical characterization and modeling of Ni/SiNx/InN MIS structures” Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Petanidou VarvaraImaging and quantification of lipid stores in adipose and muscular tissue in Caenorhabditis elegans samples via nonlinear microscopy.Photonics and Nanoelectronics
 Stavrakaki AlexandraStudy of visible and infra-red sensors based on two dimensional materials.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Tsampourakis KonstantinosQuantum trajectories in photosynthetic radical-pair reactions".Advanced Physics
2015Nersesian AggelosStudy of the optical spectral variability of the Be/X-ray Binary systems.Advanced Physics
 Christinakis NikolaosSelf-cleaning and photocatalytic properties of Zn oxide compound Surfaces.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Koliakoudakis CharidimosFabrication and characterization of Cr-based Schottky diode on n-type 4H-SiC.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Alexandridi Christina-Anastasia .Ανάπτυξη Προφιλομετρικής Απεικόνισης Terahertz: Εφαρμογή στην προφιλομετρία υγρασίας.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Pavlis Alexandros Quantum-state transfer protocols and robustness of quantum networks, in the presence of noise and imperfections.Advanced Physics
 Dialektopoulos KonstantinosCosmic structures in alternative gravity models.Advanced Physics
 Karalaki MariaStudy of ultrafast processes in colloidal Ag nanocrystals using ultrafast laser spectroscopyMicro-Optoelectronics
 Lempidaki EvangeliaSynthesis and Characterization of p-type Cu2O for environmental applications.Micro-Optoelectronics
2014Gavgiotaki Evangelia Determination of lipid depositions, via the realization of nonlinear imaging measurements and correlation of the data with specific biological processes of various samplesMicro-Optoelectronics
 Panopoulou GinaStudy of the filamentary structures in the Taurus molecular cloudAdvanced Physics
 Chatzithanasiou StefanosLO phonon enhanced relaxation of polaritons in semiconductor microcavitiesMicro-Optoelectronics
 Georgiladakis AndreasThermal diode by quantum magnets. Advanced Physics
 Kritsotakis MichailQuantum trajectories and master equation of radical-ion-pair reactions. Advanced Physics
 Manousidaki MariaLaser beam shaping for multiphoton polymerizaton. Micro-Optoelectronics
 Marakis EvangelosTaming light propagation through scattering media. Micro-Optoelectronics
 Mavris AnastasiosProduction and Characterization of Low-Order Harmonics Generated by using the Polarization-Gating technique. Micro-Optoelectronics
 Paradeisanos IoannisInteraction of Ultrafast Laser pulses with two-dimensional MoS2 and GeSe crystals. Micro-Optoelectronics
 Spiliotis AlexandrosThin film chirality measurements via cavity ring-down polarimetry. Micro-Optoelectronics
 Arvanitakis GeorgiosDevelopment, characterization and applications of an optical parametric amplifier in the infrared (IR)Micro-Optoelectronics
2013Maragaki StylianiDevelopment of an optican parametric amplifier and prospects for application in nanosurgeryMicro-Optoelectronics
 Margiolakis AthanasiosFEM analysis of surface acoustic wave resonators of piezoelectric Gallium Nitride on Sillicon substrates for frequencies above 5 GHz Micro-Optoelectronics
 Shena JonialdNumerical studies of the stochastic, discrete, nonlinear Schrodinger equationAdvanced Physics
 Dosopoulou FaniVorticity production and survival in radiative magnetized Friedman UniversesAdvanced Physics
 Kyanidis StergiosDevelopment of diagnostic tools for the classification of accretion states in extragalactic accreting binariesAdvanced Physics
 Roumpedakis KonstantinosHorava-Lifshitz gravity and Mirage CosmologyAdvanced Physics
 Troulinou CharikleiaFundamental Physical Constants: Theory and experimentAdvanced Physics
 Petrakis StylianosStudy of the High Harmonic Generation in Xe-gas through control of the polarization of two time-delayed femtosecond laser pulsesMicro-Optoelectronics
 Xypakis EmmanouilHolography and transport at finite densityAdvanced Physics
 Roussou AlexandraArtificial magnetic fields in Bose Einstein condensatesAdvanced Physics
 Markelos DimitriosStrongly driven multielectron processes under X-ray radiationAdvanced Physics
 Tsatrafyllis NikosDirected motion in Tight Bindind latticesAdvanced Physics
 Alexandrakis MatthaiosSpin Orbit interaction in Hybrid Josephson JunctionsMicro-Optoelectronics
 Epitropakis AnastasiosStudy of the iron line variability in the X-ray spectrum of MCG-6-30-15Advanced Physics
2012Mattheakis MariosElectromagnetic wave propagation in networks of Luneburg lensesAdvanced Physics
 Giannakopoulos AngellosNumerical statistics in honeycomb latticesAdvanced Physics
 Eftychis SavvasImproved electrical injection of GaAs polaritonic devicesMicro-Optoelectronics
 Michail IoannisStudy of nickel oxide (NiO & NiALO) for electrochromic devicesMicro-Optoelectronics
 Tzimis AlexandrosSpectroscopic imaging dynamics of LASER induced plasmaMicro-Optoelectronics
 Papadomanolaki ElenaCMOS compatible non-volatile memory devices based on III-N quantum dotsMicro-Optoelectronics
 Sambani KyriakiPhotocalatytic properties of Titanium dioxideMicro-Optoelectronics
 Savva KyriakiPulsed laser assisted photochemical modification of graphene oxide Micro-Optoelectronics
 Fragkos IoannisGrowth and characterization of Al-dopped ZnO thin films Micro-Optoelectronics
 Zervos ChristosGrowth of different morphologies of ZnO nanostructures prepared by Hydrothermal Method and the effect of various seeded substratesMicro-Optoelectronics
 Lingos PanagiotisUltrafast control of the magnetic memory of (Ga, Mn) As Ferromagnetic Semiconductors by Femtosecond optical pulsesMicro-Optoelectronics
 Daskalaki ChristinaTerahertz spectroscopy of macromolecular systems Micro-Optoelectronics
 Taki Anna-MariaNon-relativistic HolographyAdvanced Physics
2011Sygletou MariaLaser processing of biopolymersMicro-Optoelectronics
 Dimizas ChristosStudies of III-Nitride resonant tunneling diodes Micro-Optoelectronics
 Psychogios AlexandrosUltraviolet and Infrared Properties of Luminous Infrared GalaxiesAdvanced Physics
 Tsantaki MariaUltra-luminous X-ray sources in the most metal poor galaxiesAdvanced Physics
 Heraklidou MariaStudy of co-dimension two gravitational theoryAdvanced Physics
 Papathanasiou AntoniosHolography and Hamiltonian dynamicsAdvanced Physics
 Papamichail KaterinaTheory of Multiphoton Multiple Ionization of Atoms under X-ray RadiationMicro-Optoelectronics
 Germanis SavvasPolarisation resorved emission properties of InAs(211)B Single Quantum DotsMicro-Optoelectronics
 Tsotsis PanagiotisUltra low threshold polariton lasing in GaAsMicro-Optoelectronics
 Koutra EvaggeliaA study of X-ray source population in Wolf-Rayet galaxiesAdvanced Physics
 Robotis DimitrisCharacterization of low-order harmonics generated by the interferometric polarization - gating techniqueMicro-Optoelectronics
 Kadiltzoglou MiltiadisThe Magnetic Monopole in Theoretical PhysicsAdvanced Physics
 Makri EleanaA driven one dimensional quantum many-body systemAdvanced Physics
 Maragoudakis AlexandrosOptical activity diagnostics of a representative sample of nearby galaxiesAdvanced Physics
 Tzetzias AngelosStochastic samples and expectation values in cosmologyAdvanced Physics
 Sigelaki ChryssanthiTowards a new navigation cue of the avian magnetic compassMicro-Optoelectronics
 Melissinaki VasileiaBiomedical applications of nonlinear lithographyMicro-Optoelectronics
2010Psaroudaki ChristinaLow energy magnon modes in the helimagnet Ba2CuGe2O7Advanced Physics
 Koufaki NikiWetting properties and biological applications of micro and nano structure replicas Micro-Optoelectronics
 Gürdoğan ÖmerBulk viscosity in effective holographic models with asymptotically exponential potentials Advanced Physics
 Romania MariaGravitational waves in a gravity-driven cosmological model Advanced Physics
 Mpakogianni SophiaLaser-assisted fabrication of Si biomimetic hierarchical surfaces for tissue engineering applicationsMicro-Optoelectronics
 Aretouli KleopatraHigh power AlN/GaN HEMT devicesMicro-Optoelectronics
 Askitopoulos Alexis MarcelNovel Properties of Bragg Polaritons Micro-Optoelectronics
2009Lagos NikolaosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Chatzidimitriou NikolaosSpectroscopy of isolated quantum dots on an arsenic gallium substrate (GaAs)-211Micro-Optoelectronics
 Perisinakis DimitriosPhoto-induced switching of magnetic materials by ultrafast laser pulses Micro-Optoelectronics
 Livitziis MichalisPhotosensitivity and methods for inscription of Bragg Gratings in highly transparent optical fibres using ultraviolet radiationMicro-Optoelectronics
 Michelakaki IriniStudy of optical and structural properties of phosphate glass 106-1 after exposing with ultrashort ultraviolet laser radiation Micro-Optoelectronics
 Barberoglou MariosMicro and nano structures produced by fs laser ablation in reactive gas or liquidsMicro-Optoelectronics
 Louloudakis DimitriosProperties of the heterojunction SrCu2O2/Si Micro-Optoelectronics
 Mourka Areti2D and 3D deposition of biocompatible and biological materials by laser-based techniquesMicro-Optoelectronics
 Simantiraki MariaMultispectral Decomposition of 3D Fluorescence Tomography DataMicro-Optoelectronics
 Stamataki KaterinaExamination of the mechanisms in the irradiation of cryogenic films and solutions of nanoparticles wih UV laserMicro-Optoelectronics
 Kolliopoulos GeorgePhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kleovoulou KostasInteracting Si nanocrystals in a-SiO2 : a Monte Carlo study Advanced Physics
 Politakis HaralambosPhotoionization models of Active Galactic NucleiAdvanced Physics
 Constantinou YiannisA study of Lifshitz-Horava type theories Advanced Physics
 Matsouka AnnaGeneral PhysicsGeneral Physics
2008Gavriil DimitriosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Giatromanolakis IoannisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Iatrakis IoannisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kantilierakis IoannisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Karakostantakis GeorgePhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kypriotakis EpaminontasPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Barbaris GeorgePhysicsGeneral Physics
 Bitsakis TheodorosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Bougas LykourgosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Mari MeropiIn vivo imaging of structural features and processes of C. elegans using non-linear microscopy (TPEF, SHG, THG) Micro-Optoelectronics
 Violakis GeorgeAdvanced Approaches in the Inscription of Bragg Reflectors in Standard and Microstructured Optical Fibers Micro-Optoelectronics
 Dellis ArgyriosConstruction of a cesium magneti-optical trap and non-destructive temperature measurement using spin-polarization fluctuations Micro-Optoelectronics
 Kapetanakis EmmanuelΜελέτη των συνθηκών εμφάνισης μόνιμης επαγόμενης διπλοθλαστικότητας σε τηγμένη πυριτία (fused silica) μετά από ισχυρή εστίαση υπερβραχέων παλμών λέιζερMicro-Optoelectronics
 Bolpasi VassilikiHigh Power Laser System for the Creation of Bose-Einstein Condensations Micro-Optoelectronics
 Psicharakis StylianosSensitivity Characterization and Quantification in Fluorescence Tomography Micro-Optoelectronics
 Varda Mariap-SrCu2O2 and n-ZnO(:AL) Thin films : growth, properties and applications Micro-Optoelectronics
 Kambilafka VassilikiThin films of Ζn3N2: Growth, study and applicationsMicro-Optoelectronics
2007Karagiorgos Panos-DimitriosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Karadimitriou MichaelPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Konstantinidis GrigorisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Metavitsiadis AlexandrosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Papadopoulou MarinaPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Paraskevas MichaelPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Polyzoakis ThemistoklisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Andrianaki IoannaΝανοϋβριδικά υλικά πολυμερών/πολυστρωματικών πυριτιούχων πηλών και πολυμερών/περοβσκιτών: σύνθεση και μελέτη ιδιοτήτωνMicro-Optoelectronics
 Selimis AlexandrosΕξέταση της επίδρασης του μοριακού βάρους στη UV φωτοαποδόμηση του PPMAMicro-Optoelectronics
 Skantzakis EmmanuelTemporal Characterization Of Α Short Pulse Synthesized By The Superposition Of Low Order Harmonics Micro-Optoelectronics
 Maravelias GrigorisΠαραγωγή ισχυρής XUV ακτινοβολίας με τη χρήση παλμών λέιζερ δύο χρωμάτων (800 nm και 400 nm)Micro-Optoelectronics
2006Koutrolikos KonstantinosTheoretical PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Viglaki AnnaPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Pappa MelinaPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Rammos PeriklisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Drakakis TheodorosFabrication of 3D Biomolecular Microstructures Micro-Optoelectronics
 Katsoprinakis GeorgeA proposal for a new high - bandwidth, E.I.T.-enhanced Pump- Probe atomic magnetometer Micro-Optoelectronics
 Koufaki MariaΠοιοτικός και ποσοτικός προσδιορισμός του αζώτου σε λεπτά φιλμ οξει-αζωτούχου ινδίου νοθευμένα με κασσίτερο (Indium Tin Oxynitride, ITON)Micro-Optoelectronics
 Pappas ChristosFabrication of 1D and 2D relief Bragg reflectors in rare earth doped phosphate glass by employing holographic laser included structural modification Micro-Optoelectronics
 Sofikitis DimitriosPreparation of polarized atoms through the hyperfine interaction Micro-Optoelectronics
 Stavrinidis AntoniosΚατασκευή και χαρακτηρισμός μικροκυματικών δεκτών για εφαρμογές στη U-BandMicro-Optoelectronics
 Tsintzos SimeonΜελέτη για την επίτευξη laser εκπομπής κάθετα προς την επιφάνεια (VCSEL) μεταβλητού μήκους κύματοςMicro-Optoelectronics
 Psichias SpyridonΚατασκευή και χαρακτηρισμός διόδων Schottky GaAs και GaN χρησιμοποιώντας ΙΤΟ και ΙΤΟΝ σαν επαφές SchottkyMicro-Optoelectronics
2005Magdis GeorgeAstrophysicsGeneral Physics
 Konitopoulos SpyridonTheoretical PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Akras StavrosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Vantarakis GeorgePhysicsGeneral Physics
 Lazarou KonstantinosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Bagiatakis EvaggelosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Stratigis HaralamposPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Flouris KonstantinosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Karadamoglou IoannisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Mouchliadis LeonidasCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Altintzi IoannaΈλεγχος της Αναμειξιμότητας σε Νανοσύνθετα Υβρίδια Πολυολεφινών/ Πολυστρωματικών Πυριτιούχων Πηλών με Αλλαγή των Αλληλεπιδράσεων Πολυμερούς/ ΕπιφανείαςMicro-Optoelectronics
 Giannakoudaki KalliopiΕκτίμηση της Σκέδασης από τον Κεροτοειδή με Χρήση Εκτροπόμετρου TscherningMicro-Optoelectronics
 Makrakis StylianosKoλλοειδή Αστεροειδή Συμπολυμερή: Kινητικές Μεταπτώσεις και ΔυναμικήMicro-Optoelectronics
 Papalazarou EvaggelosΧρονικός χαρακτηρισμός παλμού Τρίτης Αρμονικής (267 nm) μικρής χρονοδιάρκειαςMicro-Optoelectronics
 Stasinopoulos AndreasΔράση Random Laser σε Νανοϋβρίδια Οξειδίου του Ψευδαργύρου (ZnO)Micro-Optoelectronics
 Psichias IoannisΣχεδιασμός, κατασκευή και μέτρηση RF MEMS ΔιακοπτώνMicro-Optoelectronics
2004Antoniou ValsamoAstrophysicsGeneral Physics
 Dasyra Kaliopi-MariaAstrophysicsGeneral Physics
 Samaritakis VardisAstrophysicsGeneral Physics
 Koutentakis Panagiotis-HarilaosComputational PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Anestakis AntoniosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Vassilakis VassiliosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Margaris IoannisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Adimimenakis AdamEπιταξιακή ανάπτυξη GaN πάνω σε υποστρώματα Si(111), GaAs(111) και GaN(0001)Micro-Optoelectronics
 Dialynas GeorgeEπίδραση πιεζοηλεκτρικού πεδίου στη δράση λέιζερ κβαντικών πηγαδιών InGaAs/AlGaAsMicro-Optoelectronics
 Zorba VassiliaΑνάπτυξη Μικροακίδων Πυριτίου με LaserMicro-Optoelectronics
 Katsamanis VassilisΑqueous Solution Characterization and Metal Nanoparticle Formation in pH-responsive PHEGMA-block-PDEAEMA Diblock CopolymersMicro-Optoelectronics
 Kapsokalyvas DimitriosΦωτοδυναμική θεραπεία (PDT) παρουσία εκχυλίσματος του Ηypericum Perforatum L ως φωτοευαισθητοποιητή για την επίτευξη θανάτωσης των κυττάρων της HL-60 λευχαιμικής σειράςMicro-Optoelectronics
 Kokkinaki OlgaOπτική εξέταση μορφολογικών αλλαγών κατά την UV ακτινοβόληση van der Waals υμενίωνMicro-Optoelectronics
 Kouloumentas ChristosImaging of structures and processes of the nematode C. elegans using nonlinear microscopyMicro-Optoelectronics
 Mastrogiannidou AthinaΠοσοτική Ανάλυση Μπρούτζινων Αντικειμένων με την Τεχνική LIBSMicro-Optoelectronics
 Mavromanolakis AntoniosΜελέτη μη γραμμικών οπτικών ιδιοτήτων φουλερινών και παραγώγων τους με τη χρήση τεχνικής που στηρίζεται στο οπτικό φαινξόμενο Kerr (Optical Kerr Effect)Micro-Optoelectronics
 Michalakou AmaliaΧαρακτηρισμός διαδικασιών κατά την ακτινοβόληση Μοριακών Υποστρωμάτων με UV παλμούς LaserMicro-Optoelectronics
 Migiakis PantelisΑνάπτυξη μεθόδων μέτρησης θερμοηλεκτρικών ιδιοτήτων: Μελέτη Περοβσκιτικών ΟξειδίωνMicro-Optoelectronics
 Pantazis AlexandrosΣχεδιασμός και κατασκευή καινοτόμων μικρομηχανικών κεραιών τύπου Yagi-Uda για εφαρμογές σε RF MEMSMicro-Optoelectronics
 Piperaki KalliopiΜελέτη της Δράσης Λέιζερ σε Υμένια Συζυγιακών Πολυμερών (ΜΕΗ - PPV)Micro-Optoelectronics
 Tamiolakis GeorgeΕγγραφή φραγμάτων περίθλασης Bragg σε ειδικές οπτικές ίνεςMicro-Optoelectronics
2003Makris MichaelAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Androulidaki ElpidaPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Vrentzos SpyrosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Dimitriadis VassiliosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Lavvas PanayotisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Garofalakis AnikitosOptical characterization of thin scattering samples: application to breast cancer research Micro-Optoelectronics
 Deligiorgis GeorgeΚατασκευή Ολοκληρωμένων Οπτοηλεκτρονικών Αρσενικούχου Γαλλίο πάνω σε Δισκία ΠυριτίουMicro-Optoelectronics
 Dimakis EmmanuelΕπιταξιακή ανάπτυξη ετεροδομών από τετραμερή κράματα ΙΙΙ-νιτριδίων για βελτιωμένες διόδους λέιζερMicro-Optoelectronics
 Kalaitzakis FotisΚατασκευή και οπτικός χαρακτηρισμός δομών Λέιζερ με κβαντικά πηγάδια InAlGaN/GaN στην ενεργό τους περιοχήMicro-Optoelectronics
 Kalyva MariaΦωτοχημική μελέτη φωτοχρωμικών μορίων που καθορίζουν την λειτουργία οπτομηχανικών διακοπτώνMicro-Optoelectronics
 Mavrelos StamatisTapered Οπτικές Ίνες για Διέγερση Whispering-Gallery-Modes σε Μικρόσφαιρες SiΟ2.Micro-Optoelectronics
 Bounos IoannisΜελέτη κινητικής σχηματισμού προϊόντων κατά την UV φωτοαποδόμηση εμπλουτισμένων πολυμερώνMicro-Optoelectronics
 Tzianaki IriniΔημιουργία υπερβραχέων παλμών laser με τη χρήση τριχοειδή σωλήνα αερίου και Συμπιεστή ΠρισμάτωνMicro-Optoelectronics
2002Papadaki EleniAstrophysics and Space PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Daskalaki StylianiAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Koumpenakis AntoniosAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Maniadaki KiriakiAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Karaiskos EmmanuelNuclear and Elementary Particle PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Doudoulakis ChristosNuclear and Elementary Particle PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Giannios DimitrisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kapetanakis MyronPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Karathanos AthanasiosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Lavrentzos AnastasiosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Mathioudakis ChristosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Anastassopoulos PaschalisNuclear and Elementary Particle PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kavousanaki EleftheriaCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Paltoglou VassiliosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Sakellari EleniCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Spanakis EmmanuelCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Stratakis EmmanuelCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Chatzisavvas GeorgeCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Dermitzaki IriniAtmospheric PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Mastoraki IriniCrystal Structure and magnetism in the quasi-one-dimensional Haldane-gap system PbNi2-xAxV2O8 (A=Mg,Co) Micro-Optoelectronics
 Gouliemakis EleftheriosA dispersionless, transmission grating based, Michelson interferometer, for the charactirization of harmonicsMicro-Optoelectronics
 Kostopoulos AthanasiosΜελέτη ετεροδομών AlGaN/GaN και κατασκευή τρανζίστορς τύπου HFETMicro-Optoelectronics
 Lioudakis EmmanuelΔιαμόρφωση femtosecond παλμών laser χρησιμοποιώντας Opened loop και Closed loop στρατηγικές ελέγχου μέσω αυτοελέγξιμου εξελικτικού αλγορίθμουMicro-Optoelectronics
 Manouselis EvaggelosΕπίδραση δέσμης ιόντων αργού στην μορφολογία και στις ηλεκτρικές ιδιότητες των σύνθετων ημιαγωγών GaN, GaAs, SiCMicro-Optoelectronics
 Beis GrigorisΟργανο-Ανόργανοι Περοβσκίτες: Σύνθεση, δομικός και οπτικός χαρακτηρισμός του Στερεού Διαλύματος (C4H9NH3)2Pb1-xEuxI4, x=0, 0.2, 0.6, 1Micro-Optoelectronics
 Bonarou AntoniaΑπεντοπισμένες φωτομηχανικές επιδράσεις υπεριώδους ακτινοβολίας: Ολογραφική μελέτη πολυμερικών συστημάτων και χονδρικών ιστώνMicro-Optoelectronics
 Natsakou ElliΜελέτη λεπτών υμενίων οξειδίου του ψευδαργύρουMicro-Optoelectronics
 Ksenogiannopoulou EvaggeliaΥπερταχεία μη γραμμική οπτική απόκριση υψηλών φουλλερενίων και ενδοεδρικών φουλλερενίωνMicro-Optoelectronics
 Orfanakis MichaelΟπτική παγίδευση και διέγερση σωματιδίων με ακτίνες laserMicro-Optoelectronics
 Papoutsakis LambrosΗ επίδραση του pH στον σχηματισμό Μικκυλίων σε υδατικά διαλύματα Δισυσταδικών Συμπολυμερών ΡΕΟ-b-PV2P και ο σχηματισμός μεταλλικών ΝανοσωματιδίωνMicro-Optoelectronics
 Rompogiannakis PavlosΑνάλυση και Σχεδίαση του Οδηγού ενός Διοδικού ΛέιζερMicro-Optoelectronics
 Spyridaki MariaLaser ablation plasmas as a source of ions for lows energy-high flux implantation Micro-Optoelectronics
 Psilaki MariaNanocomposite Random LaserMicro-Optoelectronics
2001Manousakis GeorgiosApplied PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Panotopoulos GrigoriosNuclear and Elementary Particle PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Voulgarakis NikolaosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Rousohatzakis IoannisCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Fyta MariaCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Alexandrakis VassiliosMagnetic order in one dimensional systems. PbNi2-x MgxV2O8Micro-Optoelectronics
 Argiris ApostolosΜελέτη της φωτοευαισθησίας οπτικών ινών μέσω της εγγραφής Bragg gratings και εφαρμογέςMicro-Optoelectronics
 Varoucha EutixiaΠοσοτικές μετρήσεις πολυφωτονικού ιονισμού εξαχνωμένων μεταλλικών ατόμωνMicro-Optoelectronics
 Gkagkaoudakis EmmanuelΤο οξείδιον του Ινδίου ως αισθητήρας ανίχνευσης όζοντος σε θερμοκρασία δωματίουMicro-Optoelectronics
 Mikroulis SpyridonΗ διεργασία την νιτρίδωσης του Αl2Ο3(0001) και οι συνέπειες της στην επίταξη GaN/Al2O3 με τη μέθοδο ΜΒΕMicro-Optoelectronics
 Nikolopoulos George...Micro-Optoelectronics
 Papastathopoulos EvaggelosPhase control experiments utilizing the second harmonic field and applications in the excitation of an autoionizing state and control of decay to multiple continuaMicro-Optoelectronics
2000Tsagkarakis EmmanuelCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Loukakos Panagiotis...Micro-Optoelectronics
1999Aggelakis DimitriosAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Archon MarkosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Voultsidou MarotesaPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kapidaki NikolaosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Maniadis PanagiotisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Simatos NikolaosNuclear and Elementary Particle PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Eleftheriou MariaCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kiriakidis NikolaosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Malamakis NikolaosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Risanou AnastasiaCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Charteros Konstantinos-Micro-Optoelectronics
1998Prekas DimitriosAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Vlahakis NektariosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kapnistos MichaelPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Misiriotis AngelosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Pieratos TheodorosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Remediakis IoannisCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Tsakmaki ParaskeviCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
1997Kafesaki MariaPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Stamatiadis StamatisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Stroumpos HaralamposPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Koundourakis GeorgeCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Tzoumanekas ChristosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Retsos HaralamposPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Stefanakis NikolaosPhysicsGeneral Physics
1996Foundoulakis AntoniosAstrophysicsGeneral Physics
 Paspalakis EmmanuelAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Benis EmmanuelPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Fthenakis ZachariasCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Georgakakis AntoniosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Fertis ApostolosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
1995Merlemis NikolaosAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Nikolopoulos LamprosAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Petrakis IoannisAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Katsoprinakis StavrosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kottos TsampikosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
1994Xilouris EmmanuelAstrophysicsGeneral Physics
 Xenidi ZoeAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Mailis SakelarisAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Sografinis IoannisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Komineas StavrosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Petekidis GeorgePhysicsGeneral Physics
 Protosygkelos EvaggelosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Skavdis AnastasiosPhysicsGeneral Physics
1993Andredakis IoannisAstrophysicsGeneral Physics
 Zampetaki IriniAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Papadogiannis NektariosAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Tatarakis MichaelAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Koundourakis GeorgePhysicsGeneral Physics
 Laskaridis ChristosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kalossakas GeorgeCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Lathiotakis NektariosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Xirouhaki ChryssaPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Stratopoulos GeorgiosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Chrissopoulou KiriakiPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Skarlatos DimitriosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Androulidakis MariaCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Vendras PanagiotisCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
1992Arvanitidis EystratiosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Panagiotakis MichaelPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Papadoggonas IoannisPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Soyrlantzis GeorgePhysicsGeneral Physics
 Mpardas AthanasiosPhysicsGeneral Physics
1991Pavlakis KonstantinosAstrophysics and Space PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Zacharioudakis DimitriosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Lagkadas MichailPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Lazaridis NikolaosPhysicsGeneral Physics
 Fragkis TheodorosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
1990Mavromatakis FotisAstrophysics and Space PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Apostolakis DimitriosAtomic and Molecular PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Michelakis KonstantinosApplied PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Dialynas AthanasiosNuclear and Elementary Particle PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Dimoula AthanasiosCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
1989Georgakilas AlexandrosApplied PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Granghiadakis IoannisApplied PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Papandroulakis NikolaosNuclear and Elementary Particle PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Kondylis AntonisCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Manolatou KasianiPhysicsGeneral Physics
1987Gkinoudi AthinaApplied PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Koudoumas Emmanouil...General Physics
 Serkedakis Antonios...General Physics
 Keramiotis ArtemisCondensed Matter PhysicsGeneral Physics
 Lyras Andreas...General Physics

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