Grammatikakis George

Professor Emeritus






301 Physics Bldg.


George Grammatikakis received his Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) from the University of London (Imperial College), Great Britain in 1973 in Experimental High Energy Physics. His academic genealogy tree is here.


In 1982 he became Professor of Physics in the University of Crete. From 1990 until 1996 he was Rector of the University of Crete. He retired and was elected Emeritus Professor in 2006. In 2014, as a member of the political party "To Potami", he was elected deputy at the European Parliament, where he served until 2019.


Experimental high energy physics, History of Science, connection of Science and Music.

University of Crete - Department of Physics  - Voutes University Campus - GR-71003 Heraklion, Greece
phone: +30 2810 394300 - fax: +30 2810 394301